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A default config.ini is included with the tool and can be used to save commonly used settings that override default values in HTA source code.

When modifying the INI file, make sure that all lines containing comments begin with “#”. Parameters are defined in form: {parameter name} = “{parameter value}”. Using quotes around the value is recommended although the tool can read the values either way. Do not use quotes inside the value as these are removed by parser.

There are several sections defined in configuration file with following settings:

  • General settings
    • enablePingTest – (yes/no). Controls whether or not ping test is run before connection is made to remote computer. Feature available in v0.8.
    • checkUpdates – (yes/no). Controls whether to check SCCM CAT updates from Codeplex when tool starts or not. Slows down the startup of the tool by ~2 seconds. Feature available in v1.0.
    • saveOfflineComputers – (yes/no). Controls whether to save computers that are found to be offline in “offline_computers.txt” file for later use or not. Feature available in v1.0.
    • saveOnlineComputers – (yes/no). Controls whether to save computers that are online in “online_computers.txt” file for later use or not. Feature available in v1.1.
    • promptUserCheck – (yes/no). Controls whether to prompt if specified action should be run only when there’s no user logged on remote computer. Feature available in v1.0.
      Only these actions utilize this feature: “Software Inventory Cycle”, “Repair SCCM client”, “Uninstall SCCM client”, “Install SCCM client”, “Fix WMI”, “Full health check with fixes”, “Rerun advertisement”, “Reboot workstations”, “Shut down workstations” and “Power off workstations”.
  • Client health settings (details in “Client Health Actions” chapter below)
    • checkserviceslist – used by services check.
    • latestClientVersion – used by version check.
    • autoInstallClientWhenMissing – (yes/no). Controls whether to install SCCM client automatically if health check discovers it’s old version or does not exist. Feature available in v1.0.
    • daysFromLastHWScan – used by inventory check.
    • daysFromLastSWScan – used by inventory check.
    • checkEnableDCOM – (yes/no). Used by registry check.
    • checkEnableRemoteConnect – (yes/no). Used by registry check.
    • checkLegacyImpersonationLevel – (yes/no). Used by registry check.
    • checkLegacyAuthenticationLevel – (yes/no). Used by registry check.
  • Client installation settings
    • ccmsetupPath – UNC path to ccmsetup.exe.
    • ccmsetupParameters – additional parameters for ccmsetup.exe.
    • enableFullUninstall – (yes/no). Controls whether the client uninstallation also removes certificates and smscfg.ini or not.
  • SCCM Site server
    • siteServer – specifies name of SCCM site server. Used when loading list of computers from a collection.
  • Default credentials (not recommended, as the password is saved in clear text)
    • username – specifies user name for alternate credentials (in form domain\user).
    • password – specifies password for alternate credentials.
  • Excel source file settings
    • updateSourceExcelFile – (yes/no). If Excel file is used as a source, this parameter controls whether the worksheet will be updated with result data in column B.
    • firstDataRowInExcel – specifies row number from which the data in XLS and CSV file is read.
  • Log file settings
    • keepLogHistory – (yes/no). If “yes” then a log file named by a timestamp is saved every time the tool is run. If “no” then a single log file name “lastlog.log” is used and this is overwritten on every run.
    • enableTrace32Formatting – (yes/no). Controls whether the log is written in Trace32 format or in basic text.

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pr3m Nov 7, 2011 at 9:30 PM 
Possibility to disable ping check will be in planned release v0.8. The alpha version containing this feature is already available in "Source Code" section:

When using v0.8a, set in config.ini: enablePingTest = "no".

lucent6408d Nov 4, 2011 at 9:44 PM 
I am in need of the config.ini file simply to disable the ping check. is there one avail for download?