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“SCCM CAT” is downloadable as a ZIP file. This archive contains 3 files:

  • ClientActionsTool.hta – The tool itself.
  • Cmdkey.exe – command line tool for managing cached credentials. This is needed for alternate credentials feature when running the HTA on Windows XP. Cmdkey.exe is natively available starting from Windows Vista.
  • Wol.exe – command line tool from Gammadyne Corporation to send wake up packets to remote computers.
  • Config.ini – A configuration file for default settings. This file is not required to run the tool, but if it doesn’t exist, the tool may prompt for the data every time it’s run.

Only the HTA file is necessary to use this tool. After all, the concept of the tool is simplicity – “one click to rule them all” sort of thing. However, having cmdkey.exe in same folder is a requirement for using alternate credentials when running HTA on Windows XP. Wol.exe is required to run “Wake On LAN” action on remote computers. The config.ini file improves usability by storing default settings for every run.

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