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These are actions that are more or less interacting with the SCCM client itself. Usually all actions in SCCM CAT can be run against any number of remote computers, but there are two actions in this category that are only available if target list contains up to 5 computers. These are actions to open client log folder and client setup folder. These might come in handy if tool is used to troubleshoot small number of computers at a time.

Some of agent actions are explained in detail in articles listed below, others are self-evident.


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sstretchh Aug 2, 2012 at 8:04 AM 
Thank you for writting this, this is one of the best tools for trouble shooting SCCM clients on workstations.
Can you add to this for what the repair SCCM client is doing on here ?
Didn't know if you could add a feature that would run the repair on the SCCM framework