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This category includes common SCCM client health checks. Each check can be run with or without fixes. It’s highly recommended to run the checks first and then think about fixing.


Some of the health check settings can be configured in config.ini. The parameters and default values are as follows:

# Client health settings
checkserviceslist = "winmgmt,lanmanserver,rpcss,wuauserv,bits,ccmexec"
latestClientVersion = "4.00.6487.2000"
autoInstallClientWhenMissing = "no"
daysFromLastHWScan = 5
daysFromLastSWScan = 7
checkEnableDCOM = "yes"
checkEnableRemoteConnect = "no"
checkLegacyImpersonationLevel = "no"
checkLegacyAuthenticationLevel = "no"

All of the parameter names should be self explanatory, but more is described below.

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pr3m Jul 5, 2011 at 10:36 PM 
Thanks, Ben. It's a good idea. Are you sure this issue still exists in SP2 version of SCCM client? Regardless of that I can add it to my "to do list" for next update to include it as one of possible fixes.

bpmorris Jun 10, 2011 at 9:08 AM 
Within one of the health check is it possible to re-register the atl.dll? Doing this on workstations where the service is failing to install with a "VAppRegHandler.dll" error was corrected by re-registering this dll.